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Parkinson's Disease & The Art Of Moving

The John Argue Method
Debbie Sternbach & Chrissy MacDonald

This class is based on master PD movement instructor and author, John Argue’s program. The Art of Moving class focuses on Parkinson’s symptoms and teaches methods of mindful, graceful and complete movement. Students also practice skills that enhance communication, such as vocal clarity, volume, pitch and expression. In addition, students learn practical skills such as how to get up after a fall and how to get out of a chair.  Methods for addressing such PD issues as freezing, balance and turning are discussed and practiced.  The 10 lessons in this program are designed to “ increase flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, improve communication, voice power, and speech clarity, delay the progression of symptoms and take steps toward leading a fuller life.”  - John Argue

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Friday Class

This class is currently offered on Zoom for free

Time: 1-2


Pre-registration required:

            Contact Debbie 510-653-8362

            You will be sent the Zoom link the night before the class.

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