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Chrissy MacDonald began her career as a fitness professional at a very young age. As a sought-after aerobics instructor, she opened her own aerobics studio, was Director of Fitness at a swim and tennis club and became a popular personal trainer. Her dance skills landed her on the Avia Dance Team and then the Raiderettes, becoming the top dancer on the squad. After dancing as a Las Vegas showgirl, Chrissy opened a Pilates studio in Sacramento, then moved to NYC to train Broadway performers. On her return to the Bay area, she became a dance medicine specialist at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.  


For the past 10 years, Chrissy has pursued her passion for dance and fitness by training private Pilates clients and teaching Dance Fitness at the Claremont Club and Spa and The Works. She teaches her Cardio Dance Jam and Pilates classes to Shawl Anderson and Berkeley City Ballet. In addition, Chrissy works with Debbie Sternbach and Dance Moves Me! for Parkinson’s, teaching both dance and John Argue Method classes to people in the Bay Area. She has also worked with the Parkinson Foundation for Moving Day©/San Francisco, leading the PD community in dance.

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